Chanakya: Unparalleled Diplomat

Chanakya: Unparalleled Diplomat Author:M.k Das Genre:Biography

About the book: unparalleled diplomat: chanakya the more we know, the more we learn, the more we say, about chanakya is nothing more than a drop of water taken out of the vast ocean it also can not be denied that everything can not be said about him with a full note of authenticity several sources are there which throw light upon chanakyas being contradicting to each other; while one legend says that he was a kerala brahmin, other contend that he was from north and was educated at takshila university he was a man with proficiency in three vedas: skill in stratagem, dexterity in intrigue and policy and is said to have known for his physical ugliness; disgusting complexion and deformity of legs it is believed that his parents noticed that chanakya was born with full set of tooth, considered as a mark of future king since his parents did not want him to be the king hence, his teeth were removed making him look uglier but instead he became a kingmaker he was a follower of jain religion, he had studied all the branches of knowledge and became an expert he was married to a girl of brahminical family named yashomati when he came off age it is believed, if referred to jain texts, that he was an instrumental in the downfall of nanda dynasty and established a mighty maurya dynasty by installing chandragupta maurya to the throne in the final stage of his life, he is said to have become a jain muni and is told to have ended his life by letting sacred fire to consume him